Creating and Building a Community

This past June I participated on a +New Media Expo panel with +Scott Fox, +Rob Ludlow and +David Risley titled "How to attract members to your online community." +Maria Perez at +ProfNet recently published a great overview of the panel highlighting some of the tips and advice we gave.

Go take a peek at the article for the tips!


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How to attract members to your online community
Creating and Building a Community Be remarkable. “Content is king, but engagement is queen,” said Ludlow. Think of what you can say that is remarkable, that people will comment on. Make sure any time…

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  1. says

    This post summarizes the biggest challenge with Enterprise Social… how to you teach an organization or individuals to be remarkable? Engagement is the number one problem inside the walls of organizations just like external communities. The competition for mindshare is fierce, yet so many attack it in old fashion ways with uninspired messages. I am looking forward to amping up the conversation around this topic.

  2. says

    Oh +Jeremy Von Deylen I agree 115% on your observations on enterprise social. I almost hate to admit this, but even though my husband develops software for that use, I shy away from clients needing help in that genre. They just haven't evolved enough – yet. Maybe I should go back and pay those companies another look 😉

  3. Malusi Gcakasi says

    Thanks for the great post on starting and attracting people to your community :) Really great stuff!

  4. says

    That was an awesome recap and really good suggestions. I clicked through to her other articles and it only got better. I liked what everyone had to say and, for me, the takeaway was: passion, passion, passion. I can get behind that.