I'm a pretty dedicated Apple gal, but there is no hiding my love of Google/Google+. My poor Mac Book Pro is on it's last leg and and wants to retire from a life of travel and planes. Plus, it's so flipping heavy! I have been thinking about a Chromebook but haven't really had a chance to road test one besides tinkering for a bit at a demo station. +Samsung USA has one but I need to test out Hangouts and an external webcam. The other option is an Android tablet but it has no 'real' keyboard and I can't plug in a webcam. I should really hunt down +Esteban Contreras and see if he's got something I can kick the tires of while I'm at South by Southwest. There is another maker of Chromebooks but I need to go find who they are and test that as well.

Anyone have and actively use a +Google Chrome Chromebook with Hangouts? I'm looking for your thoughts and experiences….. my poor Mac Book Pro thanks you!!!

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