I've seen a lot of amazing photography here on Google+, but never has a photo…

I've seen a lot of amazing photography here on Google+, but never has a photo stopped me in my tracks & taken my breath away. Stunning.

h/t to +Michael Baker for the share.

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"Women on the Verge Exhibition"
Dubai International Financial Centre – March 20th – April 30th

Visited this exhibition of the inspirational work of 14 women photographers. Here are the names of all the exhibitioners, along with links to their work:

Larissa Sansour – Palestine – http://larissasansour.com
Laura El Tantawy – Egypt – www.lauraeltantawy.com
Newsha Tavakolian – Iran – www.newshatavakolian.com
Leila Alaoui – Morocco – http://leilaalaoui.com
Rania Matar – Lebanon – www.raniamatar.com
Waheeda Malullah – Bahrain – http://goo.gl/GHV9I
Tanya Habjouqa – Jordan – www.tanyahabjouqa.com
Laura Boushnak – Palestine – www.lauraboushnak.com
Hind Mezaina – UAE – http://hindmezaina.com
Tanya Traboulsi – Lebanon – www.tanyatraboulsi.com
Dalia Khamissy – Lebanon – http://rawiya.net/photographer/Dalia
Myriam Abdelaziz – Egypt – www.myriamabdelaziz.com
Eman Mohammed – Palestine- www.lightstalkers.org/eman-mohammed
Boushra Almutawakel – Yemen – http://goo.gl/R2WUe

The pictures below is by Boushra Almutawakel from Yemen, but the small size does not do justice to the series – when the 8 images are large and well presented, it's breathtaking.

Have a look at some of the links, there are some amazing images among them. This really is a great selection of Middle Eastern photography.


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