Bookending The Year

Holiday OrnamentThe year is winding down the same way it started, with me in my (home) office trying to squeak in a few minutes of productivity while the kids play. In between January and December, I was fortunate enough to grow my company, staff, client base, and office space – but for now it’s just a (not so) quiet Sunday morning sipping coffee and listening to my children have a high chair race around the kitchen. With a six year age difference I wasn’t prepared for the amount of arguing they do, but for now I’ll enjoy the fact that they are playing with each other and not killing each other.

The beginning of the year starts with how it ends – holiday decorations. On the list for today is putting up the tree, but in order to accomplish that I need to clean the family room first. Two kids and lots of toys will make it difficult. The closest I’ve come so far to decorating is burning a “Home for the Holidays” candle. With kids in the house it’s not an option to skip the decorations, but I really hate the process of decorating (just to have to put it away in four weeks!) It seems in order to start any project, several more have to be completed. It would be nice to just enjoy the holidays without all the behind-the-scenes work. I think my avoidance of decorating has something to do with the fact I still have a lot I want to accomplish in 2009, and time has all but run out. Maybe I should start thinking in a ‘rolling six month’ time frame, then it will never be the end, just another month.

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The Evil of Allergies

I didn’t have allergies growing up, but I have them now.  I wonder how that happens?  I think it was during my pregnancy with my daughter that I started noticing that every spring and fall my eyes would get watery and itchy.  Now after two kids, I’m destroyed.  Every symptom listed on the marketing literature for every major allergy medication is exactly what I have.

The entire holiday weekend I squandered holed up in the house hiding from all the pretty things outside because it made me feel like garbage.  Gorgeous flowers in bloom, my little veggie  garden growing steadily, a brand new patio, and a busy bird feeder all go unappreciated because I’m inside hiding from it all.  Sleepy even after coffee and naps, I have walked into walls in a haze for days.  Even after getting to sleep in this morning until 10am – which I haven’t done in years – didn’t help.  What a complete waste of a gorgeous weekend with my family!

All hail Zyrtec because so far that’s the only thing that has cleared up 90% of my allergy symptoms.  The only thing I’m left with is a hardcore snuffly nose, which all things considered I’ll take.  It’s the sort of thing where you really want to roll up two tissues and shove them up each side of your nose, even in public.  Small price to pay for the pressure in my head to be gone.  Not sure if my family is thrilled with me making loud nose-sucking-in noises every 32.1 seconds, and strangers look at me like I’ve got some sort of drug problem.  My daughter has been on Zyrtec for awhile now, but it never occured to me I should take it too.

Speaking of which, I should go take my tiny happy pill now and get some more shut-eye.  Maybe I can enjoy *next* weekend outdoors!

Busy time of the year

Lately I’ve been a very busy gal.  With the holidays right around the corner HERE I find myself with very little time to sit and think, let alone relax or enjoy the season.  The baby is 14 months old now, and although he has no clue what Christmas or Hanukkah is, he is enjoying the decorations, tree, and candles.  He seems to be a big fan of wrapping paper and curly ribbon, so he’s bound to have a great time in the upcoming week.  Kidlette is really getting into the spirit of giving this year and went shopping at the school Santa sale for the family.  (Kind of scary what a 7 year old thinks is a good gift for each of her grandparents.)  Of course the poor kid is sick now with a head cold, and I did the very best I could to patch her up and send her to school for the last day and half before winter break.  I really need to slow down these last few days before Christmas (and the start of Hanukkah) and take a good look at how my kids see the holiday, and relive a little childhood wonder myself.

It’s been *BAKING* *CLEANING* *BAKING* *ERRANDS* *BAKING* *SHOPPING* (yes, we did a lot of baking, but we seemed to have eaten most of it already) nonstop for weeks now.  Christmas Eve dinner is at our house this year, and I still have a lot everything to do to get ready.  My family celebrates Wigilia, which has a lot of traditions that I can’t wait to pass onto my own kids.  Of course as a teen I remember sneaking out after dinner and before midnight mass to McDonald’s for hamburgers, but that’s all part of the memories.  My husband is in charge of teaching the kids about Hanukkah and this year Kidlette is really interested in the why of everything.  Have to love that!

On top of all this holiday craziness, my home business is taking off and I’m positioning myself for a strong 2009.  As long as I can keep on top of things through the holidays I should be fine.  PS – If you are interested in buying pure, safe, and beneficial skincare, health, wellness, and beauty products at wholesale prices, I’m offering membership for free until the end of December (check out my store for more information).  Of course that has added a flurry of business to my already busy time of year, but it’s my gift to Arbonne fans everywhere!  I really get a kick out of brand new customers that call me up raving about the order they just received.  Most times I get yelled at for not introducing them sooner.  SORRY!

So what are you up to this holiday season?  Crazy wacky time or cozy relaxed time with family?  How do you celebrate the holidays?  When do you open gifts?  Who’s house do you wreck?  How do you unwind afterward, or stay sane during?

However you celebrate, I wish you all love, prosperity, health, and peace in the coming year.  Thanks so much for reading along in my life’s journey on this blog.  THANK YOU FRIENDS!

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