Bookending The Year

The year is winding down the same way it started, with me in my (home) office trying to squeak in a few minutes of productivity while the kids play. In between January and December, I was fortunate enough to grow my company, staff, client base, and office space – but for now it’s just a […]

The Evil of Allergies

I didn’t have allergies growing up, but I have them now.  I wonder how that happens?  I think it was during my pregnancy with my daughter that I started noticing that every spring and fall my eyes would get watery and itchy.  Now after two kids, I’m destroyed.  Every symptom listed on the marketing literature […]

Busy time of the year

Lately I’ve been a very busy gal.  With the holidays right around the corner HERE I find myself with very little time to sit and think, let alone relax or enjoy the season.  The baby is 14 months old now, and although he has no clue what Christmas or Hanukkah is, he is enjoying the […]