My House Is (Almost) CLEAN!

Hey, it’s hard work and I’m allowed to brag.  Of course it makes it sound like my house was unfit for human habitation.  I’ve got a head full of dust and snot but it honestly wasn’t bad enough to belong on reality television.  I’ve finally gotten over my fear of filling landfills with the excess in our home (still a huge fan of Freecycle and Goodwill though).  I thought about it and realized that it’s causing me a great deal of stress to be surrounded by boxes and piles of things that have no meaning.  I hang on to all this for the sake of not burdening someone/something else with it, and that doesn’t add value and peace to my life – it steals it from me.  I’m tired of the energy it sucks from me to walk in my home and not be able to enjoy it.  Well, yesterday I got my groove back.

Having my mom around the house during the week has its benefits.  After a *long* two weeks painting our living room we were finally ready to tackle the dining room and family room.  My mom and I plowed through with garbage bags and boxes getting rid of as much as we could while my daughter was at Girl Scouts – and unavailable to protest when I threw out a pile of scribble pictures from first grade and a beach pail of broken shells.  How the hell does this stuff wind up in my dining room?  The seldom-used rooms in our home become dumping grounds for when we need to clean the rest of the rooms.  It wasn’t just surface cleaning either, I opened up every drawer and emptied out old candles, outdated holiday decorations, and junk I don’t ever remember owning. [Read more…]