Inbound Decluttering

Getting FocusIt’s actually a little embarrassing to realize I’m so easily distracted during the day.  Twitter, email, Facebook chat, IM.  Part of what keeps my head fuzzy at work during the day are those instant interruptions /ding/ that keep me from /ding/ focusing.  Yes, I know I could shut it all off during the day and only fire it up only at the start and end of my day.  Not really going to happen because it’s my main way of communicating with clients (and my husband).

I’ve decided this week to take charge of how much incoming information I get and keep the clutter off my desktop (both computer & physical desk).  I hooked up a second monitor to my laptop in order to push all the chat and IM programs out of my direct line of sight.  It’s helping more than I thought it would. Not having a constant stream of new Twitter messages flickering in my line of sight seems to keep my eyes focused on my work rather than constantly switching gears to monitor the stream. [Read more…]