Hanging by the Coke TruckYesterday was the kickoff for the Virtual Thirst contest in Second Life to design a Coke-Cola experience. Winners will get their design build by Millions of Us, and the final machine will be free to all Second Life residents. The great thing about this contest – is that you don’t have to be an artist or builder or scripter to win. All you need is an imagination. To me, THAT is what Second Life is all about anyway, so this fits perfectly.
I don’t consider myself brand loyal on too many things, but Coke is most definately one of them, so when, while working for crayon, I discovered they were a client, I was thrilled. Both companies seem to share my vision of what Second Life can be, and the idea that the community should always be taken into account when determining ‘how’.

Be sure to check out the Virtual Thirst website for more info, or teleport on over to the crayon island in Second Life and check out the pavillion. Trust me when I say even if I wasn’t involved with crayon on this, I would still be a huge supporter of this contest (and dream up an entry all my own). I really believe in talking to the community and engaging them in the process to find the ultimate Coke machine for ANY life!

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