Taggie Blanket ToyToday I threw in the towel (literally) and did something creative. Well, not my best work to be sure, and the end result was for the baby, not me, but hell it counts! I was on Etsy to leave some feedback for the super-awesome handmade soap I ordered and decided to see if anyone crafty had made a ‘taggie’ blanket toy for babies. Kidlette was never a baby that had a lovey or favorite toy, but the Pumpkin is totally fascinated with the tags on anything. I suppose a lot of babies are, because I have been looking up some cute blanket with a whole lot of extra tags sewn on them.

Pumpkin and Taggie ToyAfter searching around for 30 seconds, it hit me. *I* am creative, aren’t I? I have a sewing machine and thousands of dollars of crafting supplies. Why don’t *I* take five minutes and make my own damn baby toy?? So I did. Granted, I don’t have all the cutsie fabrics on hand that the girls on Etsy do – plus my choice would be flaming guitars or skulls or something – so I grabbed a wash cloth. We must have 40, so who’s to miss one? End result, five minutes of time, the older kid kept the younger kid from eating electrical cords in the family room while I ran and sewed.

I feel so much better now. But it also gives me motivation to get off my ass and CLEAN! Hopefully the baby will stay busy with his new toy.

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