So it’s only 8 days into the new year (WHAT? That’s *IT*?) but I’m still headstrong about my goals. Mainly I’ve gotten back on the scrapbooking kick. More accurately, I’m picking up where I left off last year with my craft (aka relaxing) room. Right after I finished painting it last year I wound up pregnant, and the project stopped.

Well, now I’m stuck in the house most days with a newborn and got my butt in gear. Not only am I finally moving up some supplies from my massive stockpile in the cellar, but selling a lot of extras off on Etsy. I’m trying to avoid eBay at all costs. I haven’t even begun to think about actually participating in a craft, just getting my room in order. With that comes the renewed desire to start up SCRAPcast again. I miss doing the show, but really want a partner to do it with. For anyone that has done a solo podcast, you know what I mean. Not only that, but it takes me on average of 14 hours to do a show – coming up with the idea, scripting it, making a project for it, recording/editing/show notes, etc. It’s a lot of work for one gal. Someone to partner with and do the show would be fun – and would take care of another goal of mine for this year. Adult interaction!

Forced to stay in the house the past week – didn’t have a car, long story – has really gotten my butt in gear with crafting again. Now if I can get the motivation to take the Christmas tree down. UGH.