Lately I have been so busy spinning my wheels at work there is no time for anything else except for family.  All I do is chase business and work.  No conferences, no networking, no meetups, no book writing – nothing.  There can be no growth if there is no exit from my cute little office.  While I love our existing clients, every business needs a healthy flow of fresh new client faces.  Running lean on staff, as most small businesses do, doesn’t leave me much time to cultivate and nurture new relationships for business like I should be doing.  Right now I’m running fast as hell in place and getting nowhere.

I want need to start soliciting the book proposal that I have been sitting on half finished for over a year.

I want need to travel to conferences to meet new people and make new business.

I want need to work with a few high-profile clients that actually agree to let me use their name publicly instead of keeping my company behind the curtain.

I still want need a vacation with my family.