I caught most of the Olympic opening ceremonies yesterday via a proxy link (I’m in the US). I’m seeing reports this morning that (depending on who you want to side with) NBC apparently chooses to censor part of the show to insert their own mindless babble or ‘spare’ stupid, simple Americans the “horror” of a beautiful memorial ceremony and song “Abide With Me” by Scottish singer Emeli Sandé. Of course they could have cut out the best part of the show for the sake of shoving ads in our eyes.

The BBC stream had a bit of talking only as explanation or to transition from one part of the show to the other. On my side of the pond? The boring NBC anchors babbled on and on just to hear their own voices. I was embarrassed for them, honestly. Not to mention the NBC Olympic website is horribly designed and full of outdated content. At least _some_ sporting events are streamed live.

Did I mention that none of this was broadcast live because it wouldn’t get the same ratings? I seriously hate American television, no wonder I never watch.