OutOfOfficeToday I received my copy of Out of Office: How to Work from Home, Telecommute, or Workshift Successfully (Que Biz-Tech) by Simon Salt. I fully intend on reading it TONIGHT. While I’ve been working sans-office for 14 years it doesn’t mean I don’t have an office. It just means I have to learn to work productively wherever I happen to be at the time!

Like most freelancers, startups and consultants I know, my work time is not spent in an office. Well, I have an office but I don’t always GO there. It’s a nice office and full of nice people, but my work schedule doesn’t force me to work 9-to-5 and clock my time during the day in a gray cube farm.

This picture I took after opening my Amazon package was taken from my kitchen table. I work via my laptop in the kitchen after my kid(s) come home from school. In the hours before that I’m either in my “office-office” or my home-office. My home office is specifically set up as a video and audio recording studio and all my equipment lives there. My office-office is great to be able to talk to actual PEOPLE but has an off-the-charts echo due to the fact it’s an old 1900s bank complete with 2.5 story ceilings and no walls. I’ve been known to work on planes, in airports, in hotel lobbies, in Starbucks, in Panera’s and in my car waiting for my daughter to finish voice lessons. If I can get to power and possibly WiFi, I can work.

Welcome to the face of GTD no matter where or when you are!