Android tablets are something I have been thinking about quite a bit since I am down…

Android tablets are something I have been thinking about quite a bit since I am down to the use of one arm. I have a good 10 weeks before I can even think about typing normally. Looks like I will have to start paying attention to the Android tablet market more closely. I own an iPad but voice recognition is almost non-existent.

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Google has lost control of Android
There was great news on the Android front this week. Samsung reported blow-out earnings, with smartphones — the majority running Android — accounting for nearly three-quarters of profits. Meanwhile …

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  1. cool

  2. I am still waiting for ICS on I717 Note. They need to hurry up. Thinking about rooting device and installing unofficial version.

  3. Also if you are looking for a nice Android tab. I have Asus Transformer Prime with ICS. Very solid.

  4. +Shane Hansen i have heard about that one. it would work pretty nice for me now. how is the voice recognition & video?

  5. The resolution is awesome except compared to the new I-pad. I don't typically use voice recognition but the times I have it worked well.


  7. One cool thing about it it has a micro HDMI output on it.

  8. good

  9. Yessir, HDMI out is always a great thing

  10. I read this article last night and couldn't disagree more with it.

  11. That's because ur confused rofl jk :-)

  12. Back to WoW l8tr

  13. I have a motorola xoom I've been playing with. We prefer it in meant respects more than the ipad (OS and speed) . Ipad is much nicer form and function. Cant speak to voice recognition

  14. +Derek Ross is my go-to Android guru….. ;) what's your take on the article & future of the OS?

  15. Dragon's apps didn't help?

  16. +Chris Pirillo not as easy as i thought it would be. I have to go to the Dragon app, record, copy, close the app, open the new app, paste, and then edit again. My hope is that on an android tablet i can do voice recognition right at ant keyboard entry prompt.

  17. +Lynette Young The success of the Kindle Fire was noticed by Google. They saw how Amazon used ecosystem, hardware pricing and sales and marketing to be dominate the low end tablet space. Amazon gave consumers what they needed. As I said Google noticed this and they have began the transition to do something about it.

    Google has re-branded their content system into Google Play to help reinforce to customers which ecosystem they are in fact using. They have begun the process of selling hardware, completing the second goal to success. And soon they are going to be selling co-branded tablet in the Play Store as well. This aligns with the upcoming low end Google co-branded tablet rumored to come in with low end price point to complete the last part of the puzzle. They will now be able to sell hardware as they please. This hardware has the right hardware combined with the right price. And lastly is backed by an ever expanding media consumption system, Google Play, which has just added 1100 movies to its arsenal.

    Forgive typos. On my phone. Back to yard work!

  18. I kind of agree with the +joewilcoxl. I LOVE everything Google, and I really do feel that Google has worked their butts off to make ICS the best android ever, but because they dont have enough control over the END product, the world cant really see what android (google's version) is meant to feel or look like. I have been watching Googl's acquisition of Motorola, and i pray that they use Moto to launch their flagship phones from now on, and offer immediate updates to their older phones as the new phones and new OS come out (same day or same month even)

  19. … I own a kindlefire and it's wonderful

  20. Morning, Sunshine! ☼

  21. +Gene Wallacker shame they never released it to Europe – I would have bought one – now I am awaiting the new nexus tab (July release date I believe is the latest )

  22. Having used the voice software, it takes a bit to get used to. It's worked a LOT better on my phone than on my Galaxy Tab, though. Not sure if that's an issue of microphone quality or not, however.

  23. Standard Android keyboard has voice input. If you opt-in, voice corrections are improved like dragon app. It works just as well from my tests.

  24. GANA MUCHO DINERO Aqui says: