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Got online in 1988

… and haven’t been disconnected since. Friends and I ran a for-fee BBS in the early days where we sold fiction stories (don’t ask) & drink recipes (we were underage). People would mail us a $5 bill in the mail for monthly access. Every month I’d go through a Lotus 123 spreadsheet to mark who stayed on and who got kicked off.

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Happy 8th Birthday Twitter

Here's my #FirstTweet from my second Twitter account. My first account was handmade by the folks at Twitter back when I was working on a project with them in Second Life and they worked at Odeo. Since you couldn't change...

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EPCOT Trip as Adults

I spent yesterday in Disney's EPCOT with my husband. What a nice "mini vacation" before three days of working! It was quite a different experience without our kids. We 'snacked' around the world and got...

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How Do You Holiday Shop?

I work with a LOT of retailers both from storefronts to e-retailers only. Both are scrambling this year because of a very shortened holiday shopping calendar. I have experience and compassion for not only the businesses, but the...

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