There is something magical about meeting people in person that you see all the time online. I'm in San Diego again (and brought the cold weather sorry!) to spend a few days with some of the top social marketers & exchange ideas. I am offically overwhelmed at how amazing and excited all the attendees and speakers are to help each other. Meeting people like +martin shervington has been a total 'fangirl' moment as well! (He's brilliant.)

As I walked around the various networking events, attended a few sessions, and chatted in hallways and over drinks… it dawned on me that other industries do not always 'enjoy' the same level of friendship between strangers as digital marketing folks do. I genuinely love what I do and love helping others be better at their own 9-to-5.

For me, the only pitfall is having to narrow the scope of the types of clients I work with (I focus on woman-forward companies/brands, tech & lifestyle brands — and the agencies or in-house that serve them). Seeing the diversity of careers, brands and people at #SMMW14 really does make me want to help everyone succeed! I want to reach for the stars and DO EVERYTHING, and it becomes really hard to stay focused. Concentrate Lynette, concentrate!

I'm going to be growing my team really soon and I had hoped to use Social Media Marketing World to help find talent & a few more clients, but it has just been too much of a whirlwind to meet everyone I'd like to. So if you are at the conference and want to chat, come find me on Twitter or after my talk!


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