"The New York attorney general’s office just closed a year-long “sting” in which they fined 19 companies more than $350,000 in penalties for writing fake reviews."

Can I get a HELL YEAH!

Being asked to write (or find) fake reviews is one of the most uncomfortable conversations I have ever had with clients. I have actually been called a liar (in reference to my expertise and subject matter knowledge) because I refuse to help write and 'plant' fake reviews. Worse yet I will not help a company press charges against honestly posted negative reviews (competitors posting fake bad reviews is a different story…)

When I suggest they 'clean up their own house' first (meaning fix the issues with your company that cause the bad reviews you feel you need to fake a retaliation against) I'm again told I "just don't know how business works".

Oh really? A sting by the NY Attorney General's office says differently. Listen, working within the laws (even if you don't like them) and behaving ethically may be a slower road to success but it's the right road. If you want to fake great customers online, I promise you that your real bottom line will not reflect the fake glory you've puffed up for yourself.


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Fake Reviews Fined; PR Firms Beware
A recent sting in New York fined 19 companies for fake reviews, which included SEO firms. While PR agencies weren’t investigated, they could be next.

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