I hear +BlogHer is sold out BUT if you're here be sure to look for me and say hello. I've been strolling around going to sessions (at the +Martha Stewart Keynote now) and talking to sponsors like Got Milk, +Samsung USA, +Weber Shandwick Digital, and +AboutOne EVERYONE is so crazy nice.

If you are here and want to chat about Google+ I will have time on Saturday August 4th during the first break of the day from 1:45p to 2:10p. See you around!

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BlogHer 2012

If you are a woman that blogs for any reason & in New York City – you might just be attending the +BlogHer Conference. With an estimated attendee headcount of almost 5,000 and a live video talk from President Obama. (!!!) BlogHer will be a in-person "who's-who" of the most connected and influential women bloggers. Online and full of amazing learning opportunities and networking (parties!!!)

I am speaking on a panel Saturday 9:30am on Google+ (of course) along with +alex asher sears (Pinterest) and Heather Durdil (Instagram). If you are at BlogHer join us!

(No streaming, sorry, you need to be AT BlogHer to attend.)



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