+Catherine Morgan is amazing!! She is not only donating her long hair to Locks of Love but then shaving her head on a live Google+ Hangout to raise money for childhood cancer research. I just threw in $25!

From her blog:

On the (May) 28th at 2:30pm EDT, I will be holding a live Hangout on Air through Google+ and recording the vid to post on YouTube.

My goal is to raise $5000 USD by that date. What I'm asking from you guys is that you share my St Baldricks profile with everyone you know and donate what you can. Even if it is only a dollar, it will make a difference…

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That's where we are right now, thanks to the generosity of this community. I never dreamed that we could get this far, but we have. So now we have to push it farther!

Lets get to $1000 before the end of the day Wednesday… you up for the challenge? 😉

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Catherine Morgan – A St. Baldrick's Participant
I don't have much in my life, but what little I have is so much more than others that I feel like I have to make the effort to do good in the world where ever I can… this is my current good deed.


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