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"Interesting to see +Madonna +Lady Gaga and +Britney Spears cranking out the 20,000 per day Circle growth. Using the +Britney Spears factor, it would appear that +Google+ has grown by just about 30-35% from the last pronouncement by +Larry Page of 90 million users. Coupled with the early Feb estimate of 100.8 million users made by +Paul Allen, it would now seem that +Google+ might be nosing around the 120-125 million user mark by now, and growing rapidly. Using +CircleCount data, one CANNOT put this growth down to simply the +Google account signup factor due to the quite obvious LEVEL of engagement by these new and existing users. It would be quite interesting (and inaccurate) to think that this growth is only due to pretty much growth in +Gmail accounts (30-35 million?) given the engagement levels underway for many of the most followed on G+. Next up … +Coldplay being the first +Google+ Your Business Page to pass the 1,000,000 followed mark. Not too long after, we can expect to see 50 1 million circled users. Not too shabby indeed for a social network that is, as someone put it, "like a gym where everyone is a member but noone goes".

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The CircleRank of Madonna is 61! Madonna says 'Musician, Singer, Entertainer, Actress, Director.' and has 864385 followers. Find out more at

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