If you had to find one new client this week … could you do it? If you couldn't pay your mortgage or feed your family unless you landed a new client this week could you get a brand new client? Would your sales process have to change? How? Would you need to postpone existing work to 'hit the street' to find prospects? Do you even know where to look?

Sometimes I feel as independent business owners / freelancers we get a bit stagnent. The 'feast or famine' cycle of either prospecting like crazy to find new clients and then burning the candle at both ends to do the work is holding us back. We forget we need to be doing both at the same time – always. Exhausting, I know. We need to build the systems now to prospect and produce simultaneously.

Just like you can't expect to jump in LinkedIn after you've lost a job or all your clients and magically have the network be productive for you – we can't expect to ignore our sales pipe and think that we can turn it on anytime we please. Let's brainstorm here & challenge ourselves to put a fire under our butt and get a new client this week. Found a lead that just doesn't work for you – find someone in your network you trust and refer it out… don't look at it as lost work but a future opportunity!

Ready… Set… GO!

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Inbox and outbox on desk — Image by © Cooper Mears/Corbis

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