If you had to find one new client this week … could you do it? If you couldn’t pay your mortgage or feed your family unless you landed a new client this week could you get a brand new client? Would your sales process have to change? How? Would you need to postpone existing work to ‘hit the street’ to find prospects? Do you even know where to look?

Grow Your BusinessI have written tips and prompts to get you from Monday to Friday (or today to next week) and build a stronger business in the process.

  1. One New Client Day 1 : Building your support system
  2. One New Client Day 2 : Know what you need and ask for it
  3. One New Client Day 3 : Finding your weaknesses
  4. One New Client Day 4 : Tell your true story
  5. One New Client Day 5 : Dump the time killers

Get motivated. Get moving. Get profitable. I work with small businesses and professional women (usually they are both) to strengthen their voices online and develop a strong sense of their own branding and identity online. Funny thing is – it always helps their ‘offline’ outlook as well! Contact me at info @ purplestripe . com to find out more!