Rather than put it in numerous updates, a consolidated post about what I’m up to seems in order. I’m trying to always keep my three words for 2013 of Focus Wellness and Results in mind when I take on work or tackle issues. One month in so far so good!


February 2013

My first of 13 eCourses is open for presale – Mom Blogger to Social Media Professional. Originally my first course released was supposed to be on Google+, but the demand for the ‘Mom2Pro’ series was more pressing. I’m speaking at a good number of niche conferences (some open to public, some not) for mom and parent bloggers and this is the course that was asked for the most. Right now it’s on pre-order at 50% off until Valentine’s Day. The class launches March 1, 2013 and starts ‘on demand’ whenever you join.

Business Ventures

Totally under the radar, but I’ve signed paperwork on a “joint venture” style partnership to provide larger scale consulting, training and conference services to area businesses. This will be in addition to work I already have with my own companies, but the idea is to be able to conduct business on a larger scale that we could do solo. We are not ready to go prime time with our group yet, but look for announcements soon from me and the rest of the group.

Project Work

I’m also pursuing project work with some larger companies and agencies. I’ll have to see how that goes, since right now I’m in “hurry up and wait” mode with a few of them. I’ve been itching to work on some really large projects again and decided that for the most part working in-house at a company won’t work. Right now I’m on the hunt for work that will let me combine my strong tech, digital and community expertise. Weird mix, I know. I’ve turned down well over a million dollars of work that doesn’t fit, so the hunt for the right mix goes on.

Website Work

Although I don’t offer this as a primary line of service, the requests I’ve been getting to design and architect member websites has gone through the roof. I also get asked to design WordPress templates, but that’s not really my preference (although I am quite capable), I prefer to work on sites designed to handle paid membership and content tiers. What’s a membership site? Well, it’s a blog or community that you need to pay to participate in and they are used to ‘pay wall’ content. This month already looks slammed with work in this area, but there is always room for more. To be honest, I only take on this work if it comes with a five-figure price tag as the work is quite complicated.

Speaking Engagements

Last year with arm and knee surgeries I had to cut back on the amount of travel I did to talk at conferences or training. Bloggy Boot Camp Phoenix “Brand Edition” is on the calendar but most other events are either still waiting on contracts or private events. I’m focusing on smaller events that pay and reach a more targeted audience where I can ‘sell’ my eCourses and consulting work.

As I love to travel and attend conferences to speak, it isn’t a primary directive in 2013. As a solo business person I can’t swing paying $5,000 to attend South by Southwest even if it is the ‘place to be seen’. I love SxSW, don’t get me wrong, but the event is blown out of proportion. It is not financially a good move to attend since not only am I out of pocket the $5k but the project and billable time I miss by attending. No one at large global companies is hiring solo professionals any longer, and SxSW is crawling with agencies who can afford to send 20 people to canvas the place and wine and dine prospective clients. Out of my league now. That’s just the way it goes.

Besides, SxSW is just ONE of about 20 conferences that I should be attending but don’t. I’m too busy actually WORKING to spend my days researching and submitting speaking proposals, especially when the majority of them don’t pay. That’s just the way it goes.

Book Updates

My book Google+ for Small Businesses has been out in digital format since November 2012, but is due out as a print book end of March 2013. Again, I’ve had a lot of inquiries about speaking on topics related to small businesses and/or Google+ but paperwork is back and forth and nothing is signed on the X yet.

I have designs on another book, in a completely different topic and requires a proper proposal and agent to land a spot with a publisher. I don’t have the time or funds to hire a proper consultant to get me through the proposal and agent process, so for now that idea has to be put on the side burner.

Health Updates

This year is off to a much better start with my health than last year was. My only restrictions right now seem to be ‘no gym’ (too hard on my knees) and ‘no heels’ (also too hard on my knees). No worries, it gives me an excuse to go shoe shopping!!