SxSW is a wolf in sheep's clothing – a "big player" conference disguised with invite-only parties and taco trucks designed to look like the place where all the hidden gems of tech and content meet.

Yeah, so…. to everyone sharing their +SXSW plans with me. I'm not going. I know South by Southwest appears to be for 'indie' interactive and tech companies, but it's not any longer. WE can't afford to attend, only big shops can flip the bill at this point because it's gotten so damn expensive.

Small content producers can't afford $5k to get there only to get lost in the crowd and attend conference panels of 7 people who talk about themselves for the entire 45 minutes. It was a great run while it lasted. Thanks for the memories….

If you are a large company courting other large companies (or at least ones with enough angel funding to fly their teams down for the week and feed them) then you will be in perfect company. It's a great opportunity in that situation. Don't be fooled into thinking that it's the place to be 'discovered', 'find funding' or 'get hired'. It's too big.

Just so you know why I won't be attending this year. I'll be working the grind.


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