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Brand New Beginnings

It was a great 9 month run, but in the end the position didn’t quite meet up to what I had hoped. Great product. Great company. Some amazing team members. I’m back “out” doing what I do best – marketing technologies – and hitting the speaking circuit hardcore again. Curiosity is the mother of reinvention…

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New Office Layout

All my life I’ve had my back to the wall at work so that passers-by don’t loom over my shoulders and look at my computer screen. (I don’t even want to get into the creep stuff I had to deal with in corporate...

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Booking Appearances For Your Blog or Podcast

Due to the nature of my company and job, I tend to get asked for interviews or guest blog posts from time to time. In fact, today I just responded to four requests, and turned down two others. What makes me (or anyone else) accept or decline an opportunity for “exposure” in front of another audience? It depends on the person you are looking to interview of course!

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Vine – The New App on the Wire is a new 6-second mobile video sharing ‘social network’ from Twitter. It’s been on the street for about a week now. Of course there are people claiming is stinks, claiming it will replace Facebook (whaaaa?), claiming it has no purpose (fun is a purpose), or will quickly turn into 6-second Chatroulette (already has).

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My Three Words for 2013

Seeing Chris Brogan and Deb Ng post their “three words for 2013” got me thinking that every year I read other people’s lists and never really consider making my own list. While I like to revisit the past year and reassess what I did, where I could improve, and what needs to change going forward, the idea of making a simple list to aspire to seemed hokey. This upcoming year I think it would be nice to have three simple but deep things to focus on instead of just looking at the larger picture all the time.

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Planning it Forward

I tend to do my editorial planning by quarters (2012Q4 that kind of quarter) for work, and six months in advance for clients. Somehow I always get blindsided by some crazy last minute requests or speaking gigs that I feel compelled to jump through hoops for. Try as I might, I can’t always convince others that preplanning is less stressful and produces generally better results.

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The Hunt for a Business Partner

I’ve been running my own business – pretty much by myself – since 2001. After 10 years I’m weary from going it alone professionally. I’m typing up my thoughts on finding a business partner, visions I have for moving forward, and things I’d like to accomplish with a biz partner

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What is SxSW Supposed to BE?

Why go to SxSW when all it seems to be is about going to parties and hanging out with the ‘right’ people? Hey, I’m all for a party, but I’m not attending SxSW just to party, I need to make the *right* connections and meet the *right* people for very specific business goals. How that gets done in a sea of 15,000 attendees is beyond me.

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With A Little Help From My Friends

Is it hard for you to reach out and ask for help? I suppose it all depends on what you need help with. Asking for help moving furniture is one thing, asking for financial help is another. Even harder? Asking for help with YOU.

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Social Mixology

YouTube Keto Playlist