All my life I’ve had my back to the wall at work so that passers-by don’t loom over my shoulders and look at my computer screen. (I don’t even want to get into the creep stuff I had to deal with in corporate IT.) I had a little ‘rear view mirror’ on the top of my monitor so that I could see people coming up behind me. It didn’t always work…

Now that I’m out of corporate, I have my own huge 14 x 19 office but I shoved myself up against the wall here too. It made video work hard and always made me feel closed up even in a very large room.

Today I rearranged my entire office layout. Now that my desk is against a wall (and not in the MIDDLE of the floor) I need to decorate behind me a bit. And figure out how to hang my lighting kits from the ceiling.

I’m a horrible decorator and never know what to put on walls. I think we have five pieces of ‘something’ on our walls at home after 14 years living here. Time to hit Pinterest!!

Props to my husband Dave for moving heavy furniture for me.