I want to talk about something so serious and dangerous that it pains me to know that this stuff happens ‘in real life.’ Christine is a blogger friend of mine (same awesome last name but no relation) and has been battling a cyber bully targeting her daughter since February of this year.

This isn’t some random Internet stranger flinging around hate on Twitter. It’s another *GIRL* in Christine’s daughter’s class and she’s driven this family to the brink of a breakdown.

Repeated death threats. Stalking in real life. Hacking computers and phones. Eavesdropping. Threats of suicide. What pre/teen girl (and her family) deserve this kind of life? I cannot even imagine the life they have been living since this started.

Their local police are useless. The FBI shrugs their shoulders. Their school system is useless. Why does the legal system fail our own children? Zero tolerance school policies that suspend Kindergarten children for playing too roughly during recess, but repeated death threats get a blind eye?

This family lives in the greater Austin, TX USA area. I know they are trying to get their story on the news to put some pressure on the law enforcement to take the repeated death threats to their daughter (and her friends) seriously. News stations & police in the area…

I pray that this family finds peace and the bully finds help and the MOTHER and step-father that have been enabling her daughter to actively be a bully finds a jail cell quite chilling.