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Power Up Weekend 2012

I’m excited to be unplugging from all the things I do on a daily basis (and yes, even unplugging from my family for a bit and concentrating on ME) to think and explore the issues I usually beat with a stick to the back of the closet and attending the Power Up Weekend 2012 in Washington DC.

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BlogHer 2012 – Speaker Review

I had purchased a ticket last fall to attend the BlogHer conference this year, but was approached to sit on a panel and speak on Google+ (so the conference refunded my ticket cost). As a professional trainer and speaker, most of the events I participate in every year are paid. I do choose to go to about 3-4 a year that I wave my fees for, as all but the top keynote speakers are compensated. I do it because most of the events I do I can’t publicize, and it is usually at events or in genres of industry that I know people and want to make more connections in. This particular review of the BlogHer conference is from my point of view as a speaker.

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BlogHer 2012 – Professional Review

I won’t be attending BlogHer Conference again unless under my standard speaker contract. As a professional, it wasn’t worth the cost I spent out of pocket and the goals of the majority of the community didn’t align with my goals. It’s not a bad conference, it just isn’t for me.

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