Lynette Radio Ford Trends 2015

This year I was invited to attend the Ford Trends 2015 “Go Further With Ford” event to learn about the new technology and innovation that Ford Motor Company has been working on. Wow was I wrong to ever think that Ford was just about ‘selling cars.’ I really view them now as a lifestyle company not just an automobile company.

Who would have ever thought Ford was researching and implementing solutions for urban engineering and planning? How about energy sustainability? Farm to Car solutions that take waste agricultural products and turn them into car parts? What about 3D printing? And yes, of course self-driving cars!

My first night of the trip was spent at a keynote event featuring Ford CEO Mark Fields and chatting with the Ford Social Team. Much to my surprise and delight, my old co-board member at Social Media Club Philly JT Ramsay is currently heading up the Digital & Social team over at Ford and was AT the event.

The next day was stuffed to the brim with content and activities. The morning was spent hearing from other technology and innovation professionals about their own take on the future. We also visited a SAP office and learned about how they are working with some pretty big data for technology projects that let you more easily find parking spaces in the city. Crazy! (Especially since I **HATE** trying to find a spot in Philly where I can park and NOT get a ticket.)

The group also visited the Ford Innovation Center in Palo Alto CA and saw some really great uses of technology such as Gorilla Glass from Corning in cars and on-demand 3D printed replacement parts for cars. That would be a great invention – no more having a part out of stock… just PRINT a new one!

The last day of the event was spent taking tours of San Francisco CA in a FORD MUSTANG GT CONVERTIBLE. (All caps on purpose people…) Ford actually let me drive this car on my own to go view Alcatraz. I’ve always loved old 60’s Mustang convertibles but wow I’m a tech geek and the newer ones are more my style – not to mention hitting the gas petal *really* gets you moving! Even though we own a Ford Fusion Hybrid now, I really am leaning towards that Mustang! (Maybe when we are ’empty nesters…’)

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