According to the Wall Street Journal article (probably behind a paywall because they feel this spew is worth paying for…) “The Mommy Business Trip” women’s conferences aren’t real business conferences but only an excuse for stay at home moms to blow off their domestic responsibilities. I am SEETHING right now reading this. The idiot commenters aren’t much better.

The gist of the article is that there are a new crop of women’s conferences popping up to give stay-at-home moms an excuse to leave their horrible lives of home and child care. Poor ‘mommy bloggers’… they are allowed out of their house by their hard-working husbands to attend women’s conferences and ‘party’ with girlfriends. Mommies get to go away on /cough/ business trips to escape cleaning their houses and taking care of their children so they can drink wine, do yoga, and play grown-up dress-up.

Do me a favor dear misinformed ‘journalist’ – shut up (STFU really comes to mind). Instead of armchair-reporting, why don’t you GO to a women’s conference and see the types of businesses these women run – from their homes – and how much money they make. These are mostly prior-professional women that are taking the bull by the horns and creating an industry where there was none before – or at least none to this scale. The majority of the women that attend are very hard working, business savvy and strong earners. You know, just like “regular” women.

I work with women that attend these conferences and I also speak at these conferences. The writer of this Wall Street Journal article couldn’t be more out of touch with reality.

I should also add that the woman quoted in the article Katherine Stone founder of of Postpartum Progress seems to be horrendously misquoted and taken out of context. Katherine is a friend and I doubt she would knowingly throw women under the bus knowingly as it appears in this article.

Wall Street Journal FAIL

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