Have you heard of them? Have you seen them? Google+ Interactive Posts allow you to code content so that you get a direct CTA (call to action) button right in the Google+ content stream. Want signups for email lists? Ask them to subscribe. One click button to go to your list building page. Promoting an event and want one-button signup ease straight from Google+? Yep, Interactive Posts has that covered as well. 

The tools shared in +Mike Arnesen's post are really great – but still require a bit of programming know-how.

Of couse the millisecond the ability to craft Interactive Posts was available in Google+ my company incorporated them for our clients. <grin> It's been working like gangbusters so far!


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In my latest blog post at +SwellPath, I not only got to break down a super cool new functionality for Google+, but I released a free tool for composing and pushing out Google+ Interactive Posts on the fly!

Download the +Google+ Interactive Posts Command Center and let me know what you think.

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