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My etiquette post has had repercussions

People have been accusing me of being the G+ police!

This is how I answered them:

"Instead of following guidelines, of course you can take any action you like. Still, there are people in the world who have no idea of any Netiquette. Those are mainly the target audience of this post. The ones who just comment "HIIIII" or "You're sexy". Or in a Hangout blurt out "But you're old"…
Freedom of speech? Or plain ignorance of how to behave in the Interwebz…

Everyone can have their opinion but some of us are trying to make this Google+ of ours a pleasant place also for us females and those with masses of followers. Can some of us have also the freedom from jerks?

G+ police is really something else: Those guys who check all the posts to see if a +mention has been made, or if someone has shared a photo from Reddit without crediting. Then they create a godalmighty racket. They are much worse and doing a lot more harm than I could ever do, believe me.

Commenting with LOL: "it's both a clever and cute things they do."
That depends on the eye of the beholder, when you expect good conversation and the 500 comment limit is full of stupidities."

My original post is here, what do you think?

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