For my birthday this year (in May) I will be asking friends to give donations for breast cancer research to the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation ( & I'm asking my husband +Dave Young for a book from The SCAR Project (he's the one that made me aware of the project/site).

This year I turn 41, and am out of the 'range' for early breast cancer – but I have too many friends affected by it – or friends I have lost. I honestly still have very strong fears that someday I'll be affected too. The photography book they have published is a better representation of what and why we still need to fight and research. There are no pink ribbons on cute coffee mugs here. No teeshirts, pencils, lipgloss or bumper stickers. There are scars. And pain. And tears. And hope. And life. And beauty.

A book filled with fighters that my daughter and I both need to see in order to gain the courage and backbone to keep fighting for them.

From The SCAR Project website:
Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in young women ages 15-40. The SCAR Project participants range from ages 18 to 35, and represent this often overlooked group of young women living with breast cancer. They journey from across America – and the world – to be photographed for The SCAR Project. Nearly 100 so far. The youngest being 18 years old.

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