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Your Sizing Makes My Butt Look Big

Shopping for clothing online requires that you be honest with yourself. You have to be willing to admit what your size is or you will end up spending money on something that does not fit.

This is not easy.

When I worked clothing retail I learned many ways into tricking customers into wearing clothes that would fit them correctly, including accidentally bringing the wrong size to the changeroom, removing tags, hiding style names (one man's relaxed is another man's boot cut) and telling you with a straight face that this style fits smaller than it used to. Sadly on occasion I would have give up on a good fit and let customers leave in something that was just too tight because they were honestly more happy with the number on the tag then the reflection in the mirror.

As a long time eater-of-feelings and occasional gym-junkie that likes to shop online I have had to stop lying to myself if I want clothes that fit. I have gone up and down about four sizes over the past three years and I know if I want my pants to last more than a month I have to give them a fighting chance. When I go into a physical store I try to be as accurate as I can with my first guess of what my size would be – if only because as a former front-line retail worker I know that it is annoying to have to fold/hang/shelve/box 3x the number of items just because a customer has no intention of telling you the truth about what their size is when they walk in the door. The sad thing is you aren't fooling anyone.

They can see you.

And even when you refuse to come out of the changeroom we can hear the sound of your voice when you have one leg 75% of the way in a pair of jeans and your upper thigh is as unyielding as Gandalf standing before the Balrog at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm.

For those of us who have moved into the place of self-acceptance, where the size you are today is whatever fits you well we still have the problem that most clothing lines won't let us be honest. All I really want is to give you my measurements – yes even my thighs, butt, backfat and upper-arm measurements and get you to tell me what you have that will fit me right now. If retailers can stop using vanity sizing to lie to customers, maybe they can stop lying to themselves.


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