Yesterday I came up with this idea of challenging myself to finding a new client this week and thought others might need some motivation as well. The idea of finding a new client 'under pressure' (or a new position/job…) came to me last week after struggling with traps freelancers I get into. The first step to finding a new client is actually pretty easy – tell other people you are actively looking for new clients.


It sounds simple. Of course if you are continuously tapping your network for work your contacts may have a bit of a hangover from it. If you are me, who rarely asks for referrals, people get surprised you are asking and are willing to help.

Right now I'm either looking for a long term / large retainer client or a full time position. Once I put it "out there" and let people know, I received two direct offers to hire me on the spot, three invitations for job interviews, and probably about a dozen strong leads for either retainer clients or f/t spots. At this time and for various reasons, nothing so far has been a fit for me either location or salary, but it's a helluva start!!

Challenge: Think about exactly what you are looking for in a client (or job) and write it down. Cruise LinkedIn for job listings and take ideas from what they post. Get it solid in your head. Then see who you are already connected to online or in person that can help. Let me know how you make out!!

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