BlogWorld Expo & Podcast Pavilion – Reply to this post if you’re interested in helping out!

I’m putting together a volunteer list for BlogWorld Expo in LA (November 3-5) and looking for anyone attending that has podcasting experience. What we need are people that are proficient in any & all aspects of podcasting to help staff the Podcast Pavilion on the Expo Floor.

What volunteers will need to do is help staff the expo floor booth (it’s huge and right in the middle surrounded by awesome companies) and help newbies interested in podcasting get their questions answered. I will be looking to have 1 hour shifts, as I know you want to get to sessions and network yourself! I will be at the booth pretty much the entire time, but since I’m doing this pretty much on my own, any help I can get is greatly appreciated!

The first Podcast Pavilion was at the NYC BlogWorld Expo this past spring and I answered questions ranging from:

  • Hosting suggestions and questions
  • Equipment suggestions and questions
  • Social media outreach to find listeners
  • SEO tips for getting your show found
  • Interviewing skills
  • Skype and screen/video recording
  • Listener feedback

… you name it, I answered it!

I don’t work for BlogWorld. I came up with the idea for the Pavilion this year at SxSW while brainstorming with one of the founders and some staff of BlogWorld. I just wanted to let everyone know that. 😉 My goal and motive is only because I want to see podcasting and other forms of rich multimedia content online thrive – and that includes the community around it.


What is the Podcast Pavilion?

The Podcasting Pavilion was created to act as a discussion and conversation hub for podcasters (and people interested in what podcasting is & it can do). Ever hear that some of the value of attending a conference is in those ‘hallway meetings’ and chance encounters? Well podcasters – that’s what inspired the Podcasting Pavilion! BlogWorld Expo offers a podcasting track (digital publishing) and lots of social media tracks but the Podcasting Pavilion is meant to offer another take on the conference experience.

The entire purpose of the Podcasting Pavilion is to have a ‘homebase’ for podcasters and provide a bit of structure for those chance hallway encounters. The Pavilion is always available to just hang out and meet other podcasters as well as offering new podcasters a place to get questions answered and meet experts and veterans in the industry.

Rather than speakers the Pavilion will have ‘facilitators’ – knowledgeable podcasting practitioners that know their way around a RSS feed, microphone and video camera. The Pavilion isn’t a place to hide in the audience and send tweets – you can participate as much (or as little) as you’d like.

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