The Podcasting Pavilion presented by Social Media Club local chapters hosted at BlogWorld and New Media Expo was created to act as a BoF (Birds of a Feather) discussion and conversation hub for podcasters (and people interested in what podcasting is & it can do).  Ever hear that  some of the value of attending a conference is in those ‘hallway meetings’ and chance encounters?  Well podcasters – that’s what inspired the Podcasting Pavilion!  You will get out of the Pavilion what you put into it – so help us make it great!

To give the Podcasting Pavilion a bit more focus, I’ve posted topics to be hosted at specific times (exact schedule forthcoming).  This way if you can be sure to mix and mingle with others interested in the same niches of podcasting you are and give a bit of structure to the Pavilion.  The Podcasting Pavilion is always open to just hanging out and meeting other podcasters as well as offering new podcasters a place to get questions answered and meet experts and veterans in the industry.  Several podcasts will be recorded right at the Pavilion, so if you’ve ever wanted to see what goes into making a podcast hands-on now is your chance!  You might even get a chance to get interviewed for a podcast as well!

BlogWorld Expo offers a podcasting track (digital publishing) and lots of social media tracks – all with knowledgeable & entertaining speakers – but the Podcasting Pavilion is meant to offer another take on the conference experience.  If you find yourself beween great BlogWorld Expo sessions, the vendor floor or even the co-located BookExpo America event – be sure to stop by and check the Podcasting Pavilion out.

Rather than speakers the Pavilion will have ‘facilitators’ – knowledgeable podcasting practitioners that know their way around a RSS feed, microphone and video camera.  The Pavilion isn’t a place to hide in the audience and send tweets – you can participate as much (or as little) as you’d like.  The topics we are going to cover are below, just keep in mind they are guidelines and suggestions than formal agendas.

A to Z Podcasting & Video Podcasting

New podcasters and those looking to start have questions.  LOTS of questions.  We want to help you find answers and friendly faces to help you along your way.

  • How do I get started podcasting?
  • Do you need a blog to podcasts?
  • What kind of equipment do I need to podcast?
  • How much money to I have to spend to start a podcast?
  • How do I find listeners?
  • How do I deal with consent and legal stuff?
  • How can I make interviewing people on a podcast interesting?
  • Do I have to podcast for a professional reason or can I just do it ‘for fun’?

Podcasting for Business (B2C / B2B / B2E)

Using podcasts in a professional capacity such as Business to Consumer, Business to Business, or even Business to Employee has very unique benefits and pitfalls.

  • What types of topics and content should I focus on for a business podcast?
  • Should I take sponsors?
  • How do I get my legal / compliance / human resources / sales / marketing/ communications departments to green light the project?
  • Do I charge for content?

Building A Podcasting Community

What good is a podcast if no one listens?  Building a community of fans and listeners for a podcast is different than for other social media outlets. It’s much easier (and faster) to get someone to ‘like’ your Facebook page, but having someone dedicate time to listen or watch your podcast is a different matter entirely.

  • How do I find listeners for my podcast?
  • How do I get feedback and comments from listeners?
  • How do I stay motivated to keep podcasting?
  • Should I use things like Facebook and Twitter with my podcast?

Podcasting Killed the Radio Star – Music Podcasts

One of the earliest gems of podcasting was the idea of ‘podsafe music‘ and the ability for anyone to be their own radio DJ host.  Thanks to Napster, we’ve all heard of the horrors the RIAA can cause, so finding out about using music – or discovering new music – through a podcast is important! (PS – TPN Rock on The Podcast Network is one of my favorite places for music podcasts – hosted by Ewan Spence! Ewan is also blogging about podcasting on the BlogWorld Expo blog.)

  • Where can I find music for my podcast?
  • What if I have my own music to share with podcasters?
  • Do I need to give credit to the musicians?
  • What is Creative Commons?
  • What if I just need ‘background’ music for my podcast?
  • Can I just use a song I heard on the radio?

Podcasting for Creative Types

Using podcasts to promote or publish creative works have unique questions and concerns.  If you are an author, game enthusiast, hobbyist, or musician, you should especially have an interest in this discussion group!

  • If I podcast my novel or book, am I giving away my rights?
  • How can I use podcasting to lead to traditional media deals (book publishing, media coverage, etc.)?
  • Do I charge money for my content?
  • What other content should I offer listeners / viewers besides my core content?

Making Money Through Podcasting

This is the zinger question EVERYONE asks.  Whether it’s through sponsorship, advertising, barter/trade or some other unique way of cashing in on your podcast – everyone wants to know where the money is at!

  • How do I find advertisers or sponsors?
  • What do I have to give in return?
  • What are some creative ways to make money with podcasting?
  • Can you podcast as a business?