Time caught up with me I couldn’t continue to blog each night/morning after as I had started out, but instead had to take notes and hope that my memory would still be sharp a week later when I got the chance to write.

Today only resulted in attending two sessions, but they were good. First up was The3six5 session, and I was interested in this one because I’ve written for them! “My day” is February 27, 2011.  What interested me out of the session – and the project in general – is how they coordinate 365 different author and publish on time, every day, without ever skipping a day in about 2.5 years.  Run by the founders and volunteers, it’s a lesson in community coordination and continued passion.  I definitely got what I wanted out of the event, and the peacocking by the panelist was kept to a minimum.  (Thank you for that.)

The only other session I got to go to was a ‘design ideas’ session that was supposed to be about defining visual layouts to best display a lot of content and ‘please’ the reader.  The entire session wound up being about CONTENT.  I had to smile, as I could just imagine the authors of Content Rules grinning at the discussion.  While I really was looking for information about UI/UX trends, especially on iPads, the fact that the conversation shifted so heavily to content production and value reaffirmed the importance – hopefully to all the designers in the audience that think “Lorem Ipsum” is the only content that matters.

For dinner we tried to get a bit away from the epicenter of SxSW and walked to the Roaring Fork.  Why is all the food in Austin so freaking AMAZING?!  The food was just incredible, the staff was about the best I’ve ever encountered. Roaring Fork was worthy of a repeat visit (we never did get back though).  Next time I’m in Austin I’m going back, no question about it.

Being that the day before was crazy jam packed with new people and new opportunities, we turned in early.  Dave’s back was bugging him from all the walking, and I have carpel tunnel in my wrist and it was acting up.  No worries, the trip was already well worth it, so taking a breather from all the crazy parties for one night wasn’t going to hurt anything.

I didn’t ‘see’ anyone today that I had not seen before at SxSW, so my list is empty.  I saw a lot of repeat people, which is always good!