A new +TechCrunch article points out that a new spokesperson for BlackBerry phones (musician +Alicia Keys) was 'caught' using an iPhone to post status updates on social networking sites. Who cares? Well…

I'm deeply concerned for yet another stunt by a large company trying to look 'hip' and important. If you hire someone to represent your product and they are 'caught' using a competitors (and somehow inferred it was no one's business what phone she uses) – how does that represent the company?

Next, it is reported she is BlackBerry's new Global Creative Director. Really? She is going to determine the entire strategy and creative vision for the company? Good luck with that. I have friends that are creative directors for some pretty amazing companies and agencies and I can tell you they work their backsides off. She's a spokesperson (and a poor one at that).

Third, and most disturbing  is that as BlackBerry's newly appointed Global Creative Director she doesn't even know that when you post to a social networking site the type of device you published from is disclosed. Not exactly the global-level 'executive' I'd want navigating the creative direction of a company … even if all she winds up doing is picking a color for a case and putting her signature on it.


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Yesterday Alicia Keys Was An iPhone Addict, Today She’s BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director | TechCrunch
It wouldn’t be a BlackBerry press event without something totally unexpected and semi-weird thrown in the mix. Today, at BlackBerry’s media conference revealing BlackBerry 10, the company appointed Al…

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