What do you do? How do people know that's what you do? Tell your story. The story is what you want to be known forabout the things you want to do.

This is more than just writing up an 'about' page or a bio… writing your story means publishing it all the time in everything you write. Every time you put a blog post up, push a status update on a social site, meet a person at an event… you are telling your professional story. Make sure it matches what you really want to do.

Now, I have plenty of friends that have successfully pivoted their businesses but it didn't happen overnight. I am sure that when they decided to move in a different (or stronger) position it took quite some time for the long tail to follow. Start writing – or changing – your story NOW. It sometimes takes time for your clients to catch up.

One issue I'm having right now is that I'm getting offers for projects or employment for things I really don't want to do or feel fully qualified to do. I get contacted for the types of work I did 3-5 years ago. Guess what? I don't WANT that work any longer – I've evolved and experienced out of it. Funny thing is the organic searches that lead people to my professional website and my LinkedIn profile also register high for these 'old' skill sets. People and companies are looking for what you and I offer – but we may be making it really hard for them to find us. Let's see about working on that today.

How's everyone doing so far???

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