Warning: This is the time where Lynette completely flipped out, raged, and called Google on the <bleepin'> carpet for forgetting how to think like a consumer

*EDIT:* http://feedburnerstatus.blogspot.com/2012/09/known-issue-subscriber-counts-and-stats.html has a very brief & cryptic update.

Feedburner is G.O.N.E. with little/no consumer warning or alternatives. If this is a glitch Google better jump on the email STAT and let users know what is going on, give us a chance to migrate out and then seriously look at the multiple failure points they need to fix in this process.

Feedburner is a service purchased a few years back by Google that allowed blog and podcast publishers to create a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed so that people that wanted to get content automatically downloaded to them could do so easily. Content readers essentially could have content automatically delivered to them much in the same way a magazine subscription automatically shows up in your mailbox every month.

Oh, developers had warning that the API was getting shut down on October 20, 2012, but as of yet I have not seen one email from Feedburner (yes, I checked my spam folder) telling me as a consumer that the product was getting sunset. Also, today is NOT October 20th – it's September 21st.

Google purchased the Feedburner platform and did absolutely nothing to improve the service. Granted, I was paying for the service before (that was optional, I choose to pay because it got me extra features and stats I needed for my business and clients). Google let me have those features for free. Now I am left with no way to export my subscribers or lists. When a reader goes to download or view content on any of the 17 feeds I maintain, they will see nothing. The assumption here to the everyday person is that I am no longer publishing content online. Thanks Google. Now you made it look like I am out of business.

Problem 1 – Google thinks like engineers and developers and NOT so much like non-techie consumers. This actually helps me with what I do for a living (help companies work through the technical aspects of social media to get to the connecting and community) because Google thinks and talks like engineers. Great if you speek geek like me, stinks for people trying to run businesses and don't have time to dig deep in every little facet of developer forums.

Problem 2 – I am a user of Feedburner with 17 separate feeds (with even more in client-held accounts) with tens of thousands of subscribers. I should not have to hear that a service I use is being shut down – without warning or even the chance to export my data – from the industry trade sites. Now I have a handful of my own sites and a dozen clients with feeds that no longer work. Customers may assume we are all out of business now. #FAIL .

Fix this Google. It is so out of character to behave this way – sunsetting a product and not even helping your customers figure out where to go next or save their data. Remember that thing you used to say… do no evil? Yeah, let's talk about that again. You have my number.


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