I launched an eBook cover design contest at +99designs  (http://99d.me/c/7imq)! I'm working with the 99 Designs team so that I can see just how easy it is as a small business owner to (painlessly) draw up design requirements, select designers, and select a eBook cover design that best represents what I want to convey in my book (http://www.lynetteyoung.com/books). So far – so good! 

Why did I want to go with 99 Designs? Well, not only am I busy running a business, I'm also busy writing a book. I have a lot of designer friends, but don't know if they specialize in book cover design (and it's as much an art as it is a science). Even if my friends know eBook covers, their art style may not jive with me. It would take me WEEKS just to find and vet a great artist.

The old adage is that you "shouldn't judge a book by its cover." Sadly, in the world of .3 second attention spans and a gazillion books on Amazon, I need all the leverage I can get to get my book noticed… and that means GREAT cover art! So if you are interested in following along, follow the link and see what cover I go with!

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Design an eBook cover for The Most Important Content Marketing Question EVER!
This is a self-published eBook (hopefully first in a series) based on answering ONE question in the digital marketing…

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