I work with a LOT of retailers both from storefronts to e-retailers only. Both are scrambling this year because of a very shortened holiday shopping calendar. I have experience and compassion for not only the businesses, but the shoppers (hello, I am one!).

There is an uproar over +Macy's decision to open their retail stores on Thanksgiving Eve (in the United States – as this is really the only place the holiday applies). Here's the thing, chances are there are millions of people sitting home (or at a friend or relative's house) clicking and purchasing ONLINE for holiday sales. Retailers really do not have a choice going forward to try to compete.

Do you love to hit the CRAZY Black Friday sales, stand in line in the middle of the night, and bum rush the deals? Or are you more of a 'shop all through the year' kind of person? Me? I'm the shop online and have it dropped to my front door by my handy-dandy UPS driver.


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Hey Thanksgiving Shoppers: Macy’s Isn’t the Only One to Blame for Ruining the Holiday | TIME.com

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