Hey businesses… Have you been doing the same old RT or LIKE campaign on other social networks for years? Guess what? You've stagnated. Gotten predictable. Gotten comfortable. Gotten boring. What happens next? You get passed by.

Self-promotion here aside, every business that wants to do business on the social web really should take a look at this video (and the longer hangout it was crafted from). Bring it to your managers, your bosses, your brand managers, your company owners. Ask what you as a business, company or brand do differently. Chances are you might not be able to think of something new or innovative you've done online in a long, long time. Chances are you are bogged down with keeping up that you have forgotten how to be innovative.

I am a business professional. I work with businesses to make them better on digital publishing platforms like Google+ (but not only Google+). This is what I do for a living – for a passion – for an obsession. My downfall? I think too big, too far in the future, too much out of line of the others. I see things you can do that don't even exist yet. It's why I'm a technologist. Technology is simply the application of tools to solve problems. I make tools do extraordinary things.

A toothbrush is a tool. You use it (hopefully!) to brush your teeth. Once you realize that tool can be a million other things than what it was designed for your eyes open and you never use the tool the same again. Now use that toothbrush to clean your wedding ring, scrub tile, restore antique furniture… you just can't go back.

That's what I do every day with companies, tools, and technology. I help you see all the amazing things you can do with the simple (and not so simple) tools you already have. Not many businesses are truly willing to take that leap. You're here. You're reading this. You ready?

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Thanks to everyone who attended the "So You Weren't An Early Adopter: How to Kick Start Social with Google+" Hangout yesterday with +Lynette Young, +kari clark, +Ricky Cadden from +RadioShack and +Kip Wetzel from +Comcastcares. Check out the great conversation on how your business can kick start its presence on Google+ in the highlight video below. If you'd like to watch the full Hangout, head to the Google+ Event page: goo.gl/IebDf

For those of you who attended the Hangout, we'd love your feedback. Fill out our survey here: goo.gl/QglE8.

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