My thought on this is that Google may charge for vanity URLs in the future when it is for branding purposes for use by big companies. I don’t feel that the payment for a vanity URL is targeted to people. But, this is the Internet, people like to assume that Google (or Apple, or Microsoft…) is out to screw them PERSONALLY.

Years ago, I had a few household-name clients that purchased custom MySpace URLs. It also granted them the ability to not have ads run on their pages. The starting price for the custom URL – without any web development or marketing plan – was $100,000 (to my knowledge). I saw a few companies cringe, but mostly they all wrote checks and said "thanks Tom" and went about their business.

There are no ads on Google+. We get the service for free, as with any Google+ product, there are a few exceptions where they charge money for a pro-level service (Google Apps and Google Analytics Premium for example). You don't NEED a vanity URL to function in Google+. So why would anyone be upset if they decided to charge for obtaining one? The only thing I'm not happy about is the gray-area in the TOS that says "However, we will tell you before we start charging and give you the choice to stop participating first." I won't be happy if I now have a vanity URL then am asked to forfeit it or pay for it. That's about the only thing that rubs me wrong – but they are not saying they WILL charge, just that they MAY charge.

As far as how much I would pay to have/keep my custom URL? If I were an 'everyday' user I probably wouldn't pay at all. If it were $50-$100 a year for the way I use it now, I'd pay. If I were some huge company like +Cadbury UK I'd pay a lot more.


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If the gun is fired in act three, you'll see it in act one. So, given the terms and conditions of Google+'s vanity URLs, how much would you be willing to pay Google to get your name? 

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