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Being in charge of your own online presence doesn't have to be overwhelming if you tackle it one step at a time. It's no surprise I'm a huge fan of Google+, but outside of personal opinion, the platform has quickly risen to be the go-to place to get your content found and seen online.

While I know enough about SEO (search engine optimization) to be dangerous, Social Media Examiner provides five easy to understand ideas to improve your content and profile structure for your personal Google+ profile and your Business Page. You have a Google+ Page, even if your business is 'just' you, don't you??

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(+Social Media Examiner is a long time favorite site of mine. They always have relevant and concise articles. I highly recommend circling & subscribing to their updates.)

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5 Ways to Use Google+ to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization
Do you want to improve your search engine optimization?

Embracing Google+ should be on your short list of activities.

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