Guess what? I'm resurrecting an idea I started for a show from 2010 called +Media Chit Chat. (The technology finally caught up to my ideas!) Every Wednesday at 1:30pm EST (perfect at-work webinar watching time) I will be joined by fellow professionals to have a conversation with some of the top people in the media industry.

This Wednesday's guest is +Amber Mac. Amber has long been a powerhouse in the digital media arena. An early podcaster, a writer, an author, a speaker, and +TWiT superstar, Amber brings her A-Game to everything she does!

If you can't join us live for the broadcast, be sure to check the +Media Chit Chat page for the YouTube video link the following day.

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First show out of the gate & we are beyond excited to have +Amber Mac as our guest.

Wednesday February 29th at 1:30pm EST. The show will be Live Hangout On Air #HOA broadcast & recorded for YouTube.

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A Conversation with Amber Mac
Amber Mac has been a powerhouse in digital media since it was called 'new media' back in the day. Amber is a tech, geek, podcaster, writer, journalist, author and above all else a vibrant and …

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