I was at the top of one of the coolest buildings tonight in Philly for Social Media…

I was at the top of one of the coolest buildings tonight in Philly for Social Media Club Philly and the Philly Google team!

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View from the top!
On the terrace at Red Tettemer after a great night with the Philly Social Media Club.
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  1. Very nice

  2. very god,,,

  3. Enjoy the good time! Good luck!

  4. impressive looking building the views must be spectacular.

  5. I miss Philly… my old college dorms are to the right of this picture…

  6. yes, “景随心动”!

  7. That is a view worth talking about

  8. Spectacular

  9. Big Ben ?

  10. America's Big Ben

  11. Absolutely beautiful!!! Once in a lifetime pic…

  12. Wow! Great pic!

  13. Wow!! This pic is amazing! That was so pretty

  14. Great pic!

  15. +Lynette Young A beautiful picture.

  16. wow

  17. this is stunning I love the color of the sky, its so dramatic!

  18. Wow Great Picture. Have not been in Philly in years. Love the city.

  19. Like you

  20. Free&blue.

  21. Nice View!

  22. Great

  23. Really great