JCPenny Shop-In This Sunday Feb 12, 2012

I have to agree, I was 'eh' on JCPenny's prior to this. They seemed to have turned into a Lands End store. BUT….. I feel the company did the right thing by standing up to bullies and keeping Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson. A group called One Million Moms tried pressuring bullying JCP to fire Ellen because she is gay.

I'm going shopping this Sunday – for what yet I don't know. Could be just socks for the kids. But I will put my money where my beliefs are, since that's the only thing that seems to count anymore.

From the Facebook group:

1) Go to JCP on Sunday
2) Shop
3) Post a photo of yourself on Twitter / Facebook / Your blog / Whatever at JCP, and add the hashtag #jcpshopin (if you post it in G+, make sure it is a public post)

If you can't get there in person, do it online. Take a photo with JCP on your browser and a big grin on your face.

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Show your support of JCPenney and The Ellen Show – Join us Sunday for a “Shop-In” at Sweetney & Spice
Support JCPenney standing up to Million Moms hate campaign! Join us Sunday for a shop-in against hate and bigotry!

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    +Christopher Bell yes, actually, it is the reason this group wanted her fired. She is the spokesperson for Maybelline (makeup). I wonder if the women complaining about Ellen being JCP's spokesperson wear Maybelline makeup? Just a thought…..

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    Sadly, none of my local JCP stores are stocking the Land's End stuff. which I LOVE!
    However, I do shop LOTS at JCP, and now shall shop LOTS MORE, in support of their keeping Ellen as their spokesperson.
    YAY for JCP for standing up!
    I've also signed just about all petitions and etc in SUPPORT of Ellen, and of JCP for standing their ground.
    +Christopher Bell yes, they are bullying JCP and Ellen because she is gay. They somehow think their children and their "moral values" will be corrupted.

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    Just an observation. People with certain beliefs due to their religion are fine. I'm totally cool with that. My issue? When they try to manipulate government and now commerce to censor as they wish.

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    Im going shopping here too. I used to work for JCP in my early 20's and they are a very respectable and enjoyable company. they take GREAT care of their staff.

    The fact that they stood up to the bullies further proves that they are still a company of integrity.

    Thanks for posting this +Lynette Young I appreciate it.

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    Thanks for sharing this. Some people will use any excuse to spew their hatred. How about this… A Million Moms Love campaign? Who's up for it?