Why is Your Mom on Facebook?

This video is by far my favorite talk I've EVER given (Ignite Wilmington). I was really nervous because the slides auto-advance and you need to stay on topic and on time. Thanks to +Brett Bumeter who dug it up & put it on his YouTube +BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2012 Speaker Playlist (Picking Speakers Tips BlogWorld NYC 2012 See Speakers on YouTube Playlist)

It was my lifelong goal to do a presentation with 'useless' slides completely made up of cat/kitten pictures and made-up statistics/graphs.

(Here is a copy of the slides that go with the presentation http://www.slideshare.net/LynetteRadio/ignite-wilmington-4)


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LynetteRadio is the alter-ego of the MarTech geek Lynette Young. She's been a pioneer in social media since she began blogging in 1997. In 2006 she founded Purple Stripe Productions (now on hold due to a full-time gig she loves), a social technology and strategy firm. Lynette has worked with companies, organizations, and professionals to help them have more meaningful conversations with their customers in new and engaging ways using digital publishing platforms. She's also a makeup junkie, shoe collector, gamer geek, and fan of Doctor Who (and all things David Tennant).


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  2. Heh :-)

    So why does your mom want to be on FB (so far mine is holding out)?

  3. Very informative and funny, +Lynette Young! Well done!

  4. Lynette, You bring up a very sticky point… I've got people in my life that I have to get along with, but they don't want to get along with each other. Facebook exposes my consideration for both… Yes, one is a Mom.

  5. applause I didn't see the punchline coming, that was brilliant!

  6. +Lynette Young I'm watching (and loving) it, but I want to see what they're laughing about too…I can't see the slides very well…

  7. +Yifat Cohen here are the slides that go with the presentation… http://www.slideshare.net/LynetteRadio/ignite-wilmington-4

  8. Thanks!!

  9. Awesome, this is you! Sweet! Love your slides :)

  10. I am watching your hangout video of the entrepreneurial talk! That is so awesome! Woo-hoo! You go girl! You are my kinda grrl… lol purple branding… go women in technology!

  11. Lol thats crazy I'm goin to tell my mom to get off

  12. hiiiiiiiii