Great news! The 3 hour #BWECHAT that I did with +Deborah Ng +BlogWorld & New…

Great news! The 3 hour #BWECHAT that I did with +Deborah Ng +BlogWorld & New Media Expo is finally uploaded into YouTube!

Deb and I chat for the first 30 minutes on our own & the next 2.5 hours are filled with brilliant people talking all sorts of opinions and ideas about the state of social media in general.

Others that joined us are +Adrienne Graham +Christine Cavalier +Staci Greenberg +Sophia Bouchard & +Yanik Falardeau

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Tonight I'm doing something super EXCITING! +Deborah Ng & I are doing a LIVE…

Tonight I'm doing something super EXCITING! +Deborah Ng & I are doing a LIVE HOA (Hangout on Air) for +BlogWorld & New Media Expo. BlogWorld is the premier community and conference for bloggers, podcasters, and all flavors of content creators on the 'net. Our discussion tonight will be about Google+ benefits for content creators.

Want to join us? If you would like to be included in participating, please leave me a note on this post so I can add you to a circle for the invites tonight – along with a question you would like to ask/discuss in the Hangout. Want to watch? Just tune in to my Google+ stream (+Lynette Young) at 9pm EST on 02/01/2012 and look for the video player.

It will be a Google+ / Twitter mashup! The normal Wednesday (9pm EST) #BWECHAT is held on Twitter – but this week BlogWorld is willing to take a chance on Hangouts! I hope everyone gives them a great big G+Welcome!!

Note: A HOA allows for anyone and everyone to view the hangout 'from the outside' while up to 10 of us are on the 'inside' having a chat – it's web streaming television! For disclosures sake, I thought it important to note that I'm not being compensated for this. The community around blogging, podcasting, and content creation is where my passion is, and that's my motivation for participating tonight.

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So I'm doing my first ever hangout tonight – 9:00 EST. Instead of hosting our weekly #BWEChat on Twitter tonight, we're hosting a Google+ hangout with our guest +Lynette Young . As I've never done this before, I supposed she'll be leading more than following.

We're going to talk about Google+ and the benefits for content creators. We'll also have the #bwechat backchannel monitoring the comments to keep the conversation flowing there as well as on camera.

We hope you join us. If this is a successful experiment we'll host Google+ chats more often.

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